Thursday, 23 June 2011

Opuswerk Guest MIx [28/4/11]

Even though this episode of "And After Light There Was House" aired 2 months ago, It deserves a special feature.
Opuswerk isn't a man of many words as he is a firm believer of "music speaks louder than words" All he has to say about himself is as follows:

"Born between Egypt and the Netherlands, architect and thinker, lover of basslines, snycopated rythms, hypnotic melodies and of russian things. My musical universe constructs itself in the same way it self deconstructs around similar structures yet different, while repetitive and full of the hale of vodka. The far North, explored during the Transmediale Festival, as well as some EPs on label such as Absolutive, Ayeko, Hope and others, also participate in the design of what goes through my ears and comes out of my alambic."

Relatively young in the electronic scene, Opuswerk has unearthed a unique blend of dub techno that has been supported by the likes of Nick Warren and many more. This set is a beautiful example of the abilities of this Swiss talent.

Looking forward to many more great things from this man and many more appearances on the show.

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